Nebula Capsule Max vs Nebula Capsule II: (Comparison Review)

Buy the Nebula Capsule MAX or Capsule II here to support the channel (at no cost to you). Nebula Capsule MAX (affiliate link): Nebula Capsule II (affiliate link): Nebula Tripod (affiliate link): Projector Screen (affiliate link): Get some more details on the Capsule MAX with the written review: This review covers the Nebula Capsule Max and compares it to the Nebula Capsule II. I like the Nebula Max a lot because it has a very solid build, it doubles as a Bluetooth speaker for music streaming and it’s generally a better portable projector at its price point than a lot of competitors. But I like the Nebula Capsule II even better. In this video, I dive into all the differences between the Nebula Capsule Max, and its sibling, the excellent Nebula Capsule II, which runs on Android TV software. I’m also going to cover the Nebula tripod that is made for Anker projectors. You'll watch to check out this video if you're looking for a portable projector that fits into the streaming era. With the Capsule Max and Capsule II, you can stream Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, live streaming options such as YouTube TV, and even live over-the-air channels. But there are some differences in terms of how to tap into all of the apps mentioned above. Here’s a breakdown of chapters, and check out my other projector reviews below. 0:00 Intro 1:37 Nebula Capsule MAX vs Capsule II: The Basics 2:29 Audio quality & Bluetooth Speaker 3:18 Auto-focus & Keystone correction 4:24 USB/HDMI for streaming and gaming 5:34 Remote controls: MAX vs Capsule II 6:07 Software: Android TV vs Android 8:08 Using Netflix on Capsule II 9:46 Nebula Tripod Review Here are a list of notable reviews: Nebula Capsule II review: Nebula Mars II review: BenQ GV1 review: The bottom line is if you’re serious about HD picture quality and somewhat decent audio, a realistic starting price is around $500. The Capsule Max is priced at $470 -- (technically $469.99). The Capsule II is $100 more at $569. Both the Max and Capsule II have HD Picture Resolution at (720p) that is bright and crisp in the dark at about 100 to 120 inches. I set up my projector between 8 and 10 feet from a wall or screen. It’s 200 ANSI-lumens, which means if you’re outdoors, you’ll want to start using this at dusk. When you’re inside, just find a somewhat dark room. Pitch black is going to give you an optimal experience. The audio is surprisingly good, especially when you consider that the Capsule Max -- and the Capsule II -- is the size of a pint glass. It’s an 8W Bluetooth speaker… which you can use as a standalone speaker for streaming music on Spotify, Tidal or whatever you use. Sign up for the CORD CUTTING NATION Newsletter for the latest on streaming and tech reviews: #Nebula #Projectors #Streaming